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The extra width of the BEAST rasp provides 35% more cutting surface!  This rasp allows the farrier to achieve a level hoof in fewer strokes!.





2. SBS Crack Filler Kit

SBS Crack Filler Kit has excellent adhesive qualities. It is impervious to water, urine and other contaminants. When cured, SBS Crack Filler becomes part of the hoof wall so that it can be rasped and trimmed like a natural horn. SBS Crack Filler Kit is an easy to use two part system. The kit includes a convenient dispensing tube that allows you to use what you need with no waste. Also includes mixing sticks and reinforced mesh. Approximately 3 to 4 repairs per kit.



3. Hoof Knife FP RANGER Double Edge

When it comes to farrier supplies, hoof knives are at least as important as any other farrier tool. The FP RANGER double edge hoof knife is made in Germany, out of high quality steel. It is right or left handed, providing the best value for your money.




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