“PETALO” supports animal welfare organization ANIMAL ACTION

A horseshoeing seminar was successfully held during the weekend from 8 to 10 March at Stavros Halkidiki. The training group was consisted of  Cleopatra Triantafylou veterinarian DVM, MSc, MRCVS,  Brastianos Ioannis dipWCF and Alex Hall, ATF certified, all members of the Panhellenic, non-profit animal welfare organization ANIMAL ACTION. The seminar addressed mainly to farriers (amateur or not) and horse owners and there was participation from many regions of Greece with a large population of equine like, Thessaloniki, Mytilene, Crete and Kozani. The seminar was scheduled as following:

1st day (Friday, March 8): Theory at Stavros Halkidiki

2nd day (Saturday, March 9): Internship in hoof trimming, dental care and shoeing at Apollonia Ili in Rentina

3rd day (Sunday, March 10): Internship in hoof trimming, dental care and shoeing at Stavros

“Petalo” provided for free all the materials used in the seminar for horseshoeing and municipality of Rendina hosted the group. Many thanks to everyone, participants and sponsors for all their effort and we hope to see you again soon in such acts.


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