Hoof Conditioner, DIAMOND

Diamond Hoof Conditioner’s dual-action formula provides a barrier against infection and helps maintain a healthy moisture balance in the hoof.

  • Most effective in extremely wet or dry conditions
  • Frequent use builds up protection
  • Gives hooves a healthy, shiny look and covers imperfections
  • Completely safe to healthy tissue. Does not sting or dry out hoof
  • Applicator included

Available in a 7,5 oz – 222 ml bottle

Directions for use:

  1. Shake well
  2. Apply to clean, dry hoof wall, sole and frog
  3. Use as often as necessary in extremely wet or dry conditions
  4. For maintenance use once or twice a week
  5. Clean applicator by placing it under running water

art.: 747-0001-185

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