• Hoof Pick, DIAMOND

    Hoof Pick, DIAMOND

    Become a hoof care expert with Diamond State of  the art hoof pick. Makes cleaning easier and more enjoyable for the horse. Serrated edges, for easy cleaningStainless steel, professional qualityUnique design allows dirt to be released easily...

  • Sanding Block, SMIRDEX

    Sanding Block, SMIRDEX

    Smirdex offers a 4-sided sanding sponge, designed for wet or dry sanding on wood, metal, primer, paint, composites or drywall. Sanding blocks are a useful tool for farriers, suitable for giving this final touch in horseshoeing. Hardeness: Coarse...

  • Lubricate Cooling Gel, DECAMPS

    Lubricate Cooling Gel, DECAMPS

    Lubricate cooling gel for all shoemaking tools. Use during horseshoe making to cool your tools and extend their durability. Can of 150 gr. art.: 735-0002-003

  • Dividers 6″

    Dividers 6″

    Perfect for laying out circles on sheet metal, these spring dividers are handy for measuring exact distance, especially useful when marking nail holes or fullering during shoemaking. Adjust to desired width up to 6″. Legs pivoted on rollerBow...

  • Alu Ruler

    Alu Ruler

    Measure aluminum ruler with a 12 inch face and a 30 cm face. art.: ALUR30EK12IN

  • Steel Marking Pencil

    Steel Marking Pencil

    This pencil was designed for fine line work on all metals, under heavy marking pressure and is suitable for marking both hot and cold steel. The marks will illuminate when cutting or welding. The durable marks will not melt for the touch, or fade. The...

  • Rust Remover, ECO SERVICE

    Rust Remover, ECO SERVICE

    This rust remover, produced by Eco Service is a multi-purpose product with 7 functions: rust remover, protecting, lubricating, water-repellent, anti-freezing, degreasing, dielectric. It is a fluid with strong penetrating power. It dissolves rust without...

  • Handwash Paste, ECO SERVICE

    Handwash Paste, ECO SERVICE

    This handwash paste is a lemon scented degreasing detergent, which is ideal for any kind of difficult dirt. It leaves your hands soft and fragrant no matter how frequently you use it.   art. : 07-03-01-001