• Wrist Magnet

    Wrist Magnet

    Wrist magnet is an easy way to access nails. Carry nails on your wrist for convenience and efficiency.   art. : 737-0001-004

  • Hammer Magnet, Φ8 Χ 10 mm

    Hammer Magnet, Φ8 Χ 10 mm

    With a 10 mm diameter and a height of only 4 mm, this small but powerful magnet has the appropriate size to fit to any hammer handle, giving you the ability to easily collect your nails.   art. : 728-0003-006

  • Magnets 40, 60 or 71 mm

    Magnets 40, 60 or 71 mm

    A very powerful magnet, with a special cap that multiplies its strength, while protecting the magnet from damage. It has a specially designed hole to fit anywhere. Available in three dimensions in outer diameter: 71, 60 or 40 mm and thickness: 15 10...