Pritchel, JIM BLURTON E-HEAD

    Made from S1 tool steel, an air hardened tool steel which is easily maintained. This hand held pritchel is designed to fit E Head Nails and has a minimum length 300mm. The ergonomically designed handle is made out of 27 x 19mm oval.   art. : 729-0003-006

  • Pritchel, Ν.F. VIKING

    Pritchel, Ν.F. VIKING

    Precision machined from S7 tool steel, then heat treated and hand polished to a superior finish.  This tool is designed for hot work.  Overall length is 10-1/2 inches.   art. : 729-0003-004

  • Pritchel, DIAMOND P12

    Pritchel, DIAMOND P12

    DIAMOND pritchel P12, is 300 mm long, with a width of 10 mm manufactured out of durable tool steel. art. : 729-0003-002