• Fire Tong, FIREX

    Fire Tong, FIREX

    Firex Fire Tongs produced by ICAR feature very comfortable reins that are made to use all day, without hurting your hands. The heads have just enough slope to easily ”scoop up” hot bar stock in the forge. These tongs are heavy enough...

  • Fire Tong, BLOOM

    Fire Tong, BLOOM

    Bloom is recognized throughout the industry for the attention to detail and performance of the products he manufactures. Available in size 5/16” (8 mm) art. : 732-0006-012

  • Fire Tong, BELGIAN MODEL (B.M.)

    Fire Tong, BELGIAN MODEL (B.M.)

    B.M  fire tong, is designed to provide versatility in one pair of tongs. These beautifully polished and finished tools have a comfortable fit in your hand. art. : 732-0006-002 (8mm, for horseshoes with thickness greater than 8mm) 732-0006-005 (15mm,...

  • Hot Fit Tong, AS (W-Brand type)

    Hot Fit Tong, AS (W-Brand type)

    These hot fit tongs are ideal for holding hot shoes securely for hot fitting to the hoof. A ring at the end of the tong reins locks the tongs to the shoe. art: 63972

  • Shoe Spreader, BURR

    Shoe Spreader, BURR

    ICAR’s shoe spreader features handles that are set to touch when closed, this allows optimum leverage when the handles are open and the user is pushing them to spread the shoe. It also features multiple cogs to fit different size shoes. The...