• Clincher, G.E. JAW TYPE

    Clincher, G.E. JAW TYPE

    GE Clinchers are drop-forged from chrome molybdenum steel. The teeth are heat treated to hold their bite longer under heavy use. Perfectly balanced for a comfortable grip and better control for a better clinch.   art. : 732-0005-010

  • Clincher, SELL HC 12

    Clincher, SELL HC 12

    A durable tool with unique shape that can be worked on any hoof. art. : 732-0005-002

  • Clincher, N.F. VIKING HC 12

    Clincher, N.F. VIKING HC 12

    Straight Jaw Clincher from Nordic Forge. It is forged from high quality tool steel, precision machined and heat treated, for strength and durability. The Viking semi-polished clincher, features a fully polished head, while its handles are slightly sanded,...

  • Clinch Block, DIAMOND

    Clinch Block, DIAMOND

    Traditional tool meets 21st century techniques State-of-the-art clinch block with ergonomically designed, comfortable grip. Hard stainless steel core Ergonomically designed, comfortable grip Works much better than traditional clinch blocks art. : 730-0001-011