• DIAMOND HYBRID, Anti-Bacterial Pads

    DIAMOND HYBRID, Anti-Bacterial Pads

    The new standard pad for all riding horses! The only Anti-bacterial pad in the marketThe soft white PU is the shock absorber, while the green frame distributes the forcesDual density anti-bacterial PU with high shock absorbing properties Dimensions: ...



    The new standard pad for trotting and pacing horses! • The strongest and most flexible felt pad on the market• Thick felt layer for maximum absorption and durability Dimensions:  160 x 150 x 5 mm art. : 740-0002-105

  • Hoof Crack Staples

    Hoof Crack Staples

    Hoof Staples are an answer for cracked hooves. Made of stainless steel, they are hammer driven into the horse’s hoof wall to stabilize a crack. The staple prongs, have barbs that turn the staple inward as it is driven into the hoof wall. Available...

  • Double Dispensing Gun, DIAMOND

    Double Dispensing Gun, DIAMOND

    Professional dispenser that makes your work easier Sturdy design with high-performance thrust system makes application easier and more economical. Ideal for thicker adhesives and pad materials, even in the coldest conditions! Fits cartridges...

  • VETTEC, Mixing Tips

    VETTEC, Mixing Tips

    Tips for 160 cc & 180 cc. Vettec cartridges. art. : 748-0002-033

  • Hoof Stitches

    Hoof Stitches

    This kit comprises of eight stainless steel wire sutures (10 cm long) with stainless steel backing plates (pre-threaded with the wires). One of the most effective ways, for the stitching and repair of horse hoof cracks and quarter cracks. Combine...

  • VETTEC, Equi-Mesh

    VETTEC, Equi-Mesh

    Support Mesh for packing material in black colour (3 m x 15 cm). art. : 748-0001-017

  • VETTEC, Contouring Plastic

    VETTEC, Contouring Plastic

    Contouring Plastic is used after applying Sole-Guard to smooth and level the material. Contouring Plastic will not stick to Sole-Guard and can be discarded after use. Available in roll with dimensions of 3 m in length and 150 mm width. art. : 748-0002-038

  • Horse Silicone, DIAMOND

    Horse Silicone, DIAMOND

    Better for the hoof, better for the horse! Horse silicone is a super shock absorber in combination with a pad. Fiil the foot totally with horse silicone and cover the frog with P.V.C. tape. 1 component siliconeFungi preventing propertiesVinegar...

  • VETTEC, Super Fast

    VETTEC, Super Fast

    Fast Setting, Hoof Adhesive This 30 second set hoof adhesive can be used for small repairs, levelling the feet, building heel angles, making custom shoes and foal extensions. Making foal extensions with Vettec Super Fast is easy. For the first time ever,...