• Maddox+ Nails, type E

    Maddox+ Nails, type E

    The renewed MADDOX+ come to honor their multiannual name. With redesigned and improved finishes, Maddox+ are gradually replacing their predecessors, MADDOX. The unique hardness of the nails, prefered by many farriers, remains the same, while the nail...

  • Maddox+ Nails, type E-SLIM

    Maddox+ Nails, type E-SLIM

    Another type of MADDOX nails gradually updated with new MADDOX+ nails. E-SLIMs have the same head with E-Regular type of nails, but thinner shank and more length causing less damage to the hoof wall.

  • Maddox+ Nails, type JC

    Maddox+ Nails, type JC

    Following the line of Slim types, JC nails are ideal when working with thin-walled hooves, due to their very thin shank. Their unique trapezoidal head, on one hand lets the nail protrude sufficiently to slow down the wear of the shoe, while improving...