Rasp, SAVE EDGE

    The  Save Edge 14” rasp has been the industry standard for many years.  It is famous because of its unmatched sharpness and longevity.   art. : 725-0001-008

  • Rasp, SAVE EDGE BEAST 17”

    Rasp, SAVE EDGE BEAST 17”

    The extra width of Save Edge’s BEAST rasp provides 35% more cutting surface!  With an overall length of more than 43 cm and a width of about 6 cm, this rasp allows the farrier to achieve a level hoof in fewer strokes!. art. : 725-0001-515

  • Rasp, MERCURY

    Rasp, MERCURY

    MERCURY rasp is a tool with features one can not ignore. Its unique tooth-pattern and angle ensures fast and smooth rasping for long time, leaving minimal dirt between the teeth. It has sharp side bevels which are benficial when finishing off. The file...



    MERCURY DELUXE is the evolution of MERCURY. Just like Mercury it is a high quality rasp, sharp and long lasting,which gives a good finish.A rasp with crisp edges for clenching up and always consistent in quality. With pointed tooth pattern and angle...

  • Rasp, DIAMOND

    Rasp, DIAMOND

    Hoof rasps that stay sharp longer All-round hoof rasps that stay sharp longer. Easier rasping, yet finer finish. Tough steel core and extra hardened teeth means the hoof rasp does not break easily. TIP: Excellent fit with Diamond Wooden Rasp handle. Extremely...

  • Mini Rasp, DIAMOND

    Mini Rasp, DIAMOND

    The new Diamond Mini rasp is a smaller version of the Diamond Standard hoof rasp. It is an ideal , practical tool, for trimming the feet of miniature horses or foals and generally for anyone who takes care of animals. With a work surface of only...

  • Half Round File

    Half Round File

    A robust double-cut file having both flat and half-round sides. The curved side is used for filing concave surfaces, so it helps a lot to create a perfect spot to apply the clip while horseshoeing. Τhe flat side can be used to achieve a smooth finish. art....

  • Hoof Buffer Attachment

    Hoof Buffer Attachment

    Hoof Buffer attachment fits easily onto any domestic drill to make that high quality finish fast and effortless. Makes the sanding of the hoof wall quick and easy to leave a smooth finish. Drum belt will usually last for 8 to 15 horses, depending...

  • Sanding Sleeves for Hoof Buffer Attachment

    Sanding Sleeves for Hoof Buffer Attachment

    Sanding sleeve replacement for the Hoof Buffer attachment system. Available in 80 grit.   10 in a pack art. : 738-0001-504

  • Hoof Buffer Replacement Bladder

    Hoof Buffer Replacement Bladder

    Replacement hydraulic bladder for the Hoof Buffer Attachment art. : 738-0001-080