• Aluminum Hoof Gauge, FINNEGAN

    Aluminum Hoof Gauge, FINNEGAN

    Based on the T-square principle, the patented Finnegan Gauge measures both medial-to-lateral balance and hoof angulation. Built from aluminum and adjustable to fit all hoof sizes, it is accurate and easy to use. When using this instrument, it is essential...

  • Hoof Gauge, SOYO

    Hoof Gauge, SOYO

    Check the proper angulation of each hoof with SOYO’s hoof gauge and check for inconsistencies and balance of each hoof. Angles need to be about, 50 – 54 degrees for the front feet and 53 – 57 degrees for the hind feet.   art. :...

  • T-Square, JIM BLURTON

    T-Square, JIM BLURTON

    Manufactured form polished stainless steel this is a teaching aid for foot trimming. A handy tool for assessing the medial or lateral hoof balance. To use this tool lay it down the back of the leg with the T piece across the heel of the foot for a guide...

  • Hoof Tester, USA SMALL 13″

    Hoof Tester, USA SMALL 13″

    Made from quality tool steel, the 13 in. USA SMALL Hoof Tester can apply ample pressure to any part of the foot to locate sensitive areas.   art. : 731-0001-002

  • Hoof Tester, USA LARGE 19”

    Hoof Tester, USA LARGE 19”

    Hoof Tester is used to find a tender spot or abscess on a horse’s foot and to determine the location of a painful area in the foot of a lame horse. It can also be used to locate bruised or punctured areas of the foot, or to diagnose foot bone diseases...

  • Rawhide Mallet, DIAMOND

    Rawhide Mallet, DIAMOND

    The Diamond Rawhide mallet is made of compressed leather, which lasts much longer than a nylon hammer and does not damage your other farrier tools.  TIP: Use in combination with toeing knife!  Made from compressed Water-Buffalo...

  • All-In-1 Knife Sharpener, DIAMOND

    All-In-1 Knife Sharpener, DIAMOND

    Sharpen every tool you own! Ergonomically shaped, foldable design, for deburring and sharpening farriers tools – and more! Use for straight and curved hoof knives, loop knives, nippers and every other tool you own. Tapered sharpening...

  • Interchangable Blade for ICAR KNIFERGO Hoof Knife

    Interchangable Blade for ICAR KNIFERGO Hoof Knife

    Why buying a new knife when you can simply change the blade? ICAR ‘s KNIFERFO hoof knife allows you to save some money, buying only the disposable part of the knife and not the handle along with it. art.: 7911241430 (Left) 7910241430 (Right)

  • Knife Sharpener, KERCKHAERT SPEEDY

    Knife Sharpener, KERCKHAERT SPEEDY

    KERCKHAERT’s SPEEDY Sharpener is the most universal sharpener ever made. It is fast, durable, compact and fits in your pocket, therefore you can carry it everywhere. It is the most effective sharpener you will ever use because it can sharpen anything...

  • Stone Mandrel Pink

    Stone Mandrel Pink

    This pink stone mandrel with hardness grade-O, consists of pink aluminium oxide. Suitable for sharpening and grinding of knives and tools, made of carbon steel, tempered steels and tool steels. Its Grain is 80. It accompanies Londonderry Forge sharpening...