• DIAMOND HYBRID, Anti-Bacterial Pads

    DIAMOND HYBRID, Anti-Bacterial Pads

    The new standard pad for all riding horses! The only Anti-bacterial pad in the marketThe soft white PU is the shock absorber, while the green frame distributes the forcesDual density anti-bacterial PU with high shock absorbing properties Dimensions: ...



    The new standard pad for trotting and pacing horses! • The strongest and most flexible felt pad on the market• Thick felt layer for maximum absorption and durability Dimensions:  160 x 150 x 5 mm art. : 740-0002-105

  • Short Sleeved Polo Shirt, KERCKHAERT

    Short Sleeved Polo Shirt, KERCKHAERT

    In 2008, on our centennial anniversary in 2006, Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands granted our company the predicate Royal. Since then the name was changed to Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory and the Royal Crown was added to the company...

  • Tooth Rasp with Tungsten Rasp Plate, KRUUSE

    Tooth Rasp with Tungsten Rasp Plate, KRUUSE

    Thomsen pattern with movable rasp plate to bring tooth rasp in desired position. Equipped with black rubber handle and tungsten carbide chips for long durability. Spare rasp plate also availableart.: 726-0002-001 (tooth rasp)726-0002-002 (spare...

  • Mouth Gag / Speculum

    Mouth Gag / Speculum

    Quality made, stainless steel Mouth Speculum is a full mouth gag for equine dental work. Comes complete with heavy duty nylon web straps and tooth plates for upper and lower incisors. art.: 726-0001-001



    An anatomically accurate chart of the horse conformation. Suitable for educational purposes and a better understanding of the information obtained from the veterinarian or even the horse! Provides information on the most common disorders can be treated...

  • Book, Hickman’s Farriery

    Book, Hickman’s Farriery

    Hickman’s Farriery was first published in 1977 and has since been completely revised and updated to bring it into line with the latest developments in this field. The new edition demonstrates how traditional skills can be combined with modern...



    This poster shows both the external and internal structures of the hoof including the hoof wall structures, bar, frog and sole coriums. art. : 749-0001-012

  • DVD, Chris Gregory – Shoeing Practical

    DVD, Chris Gregory – Shoeing Practical

    In this DVD Chris Gregory walks you through a “Journeyman run.” He delivers in spectacular fashion. Chris has been a certified Journeyman farrier since the age of 22. In 1991 he achieved this goal, and since then has trained dozens of...

  • Hoof & Horse Formula, DIAMOND

    Hoof & Horse Formula, DIAMOND

    Stimulates health & hoof quality The horse’s health is often reflected in the quality of mane, tail and hooves. When hooves get, show cracks, are brittle then most likely the horse has a nutrient deficiency. Probably for the past few...