Animalintex, ROBINSON

Animalintex is a highly absorbent, multilayered dressing impregnated with mild antiseptic and a poulticing agent. It is world renowned for its effectiveness and ease of use against a broad range of common equine conditions. The natural poulticing agent, Tragacanth, is activated by water and helps to draw out infected wounds whilst a mild antiseptic then minimises infection and promotes healing.

  • Ingredients: Tragacanth 6.02 g/pad, Boric Acid 2.08 g/pad
  • Dimensions: 400 x 200 x 15 mm (up to four pads can be created)
  • Can be used as a hot or cold poultice or as a dry dressing

Click here to view a pdf of the instructions

art : 3Μ-033

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